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Thumbnail image of CBtV3 SPC4, 'Cascade Beyond the Veil, vol. 3'

Thumbnail of CD image CD of CBtV3

  A 'The Sentinel' anthology of the supernatural variety. All-new stories. Authors include KandaceK, Sealie, Sheila Paulson, Sue Pokorny, and D.L. Witherspoon. Illustrated by Lorraine. Rated G thru R. Approx. 146 pages. MediaWest 2004. Shipping: $4.00. Less than 10 left.

New CD available. Self-contained HTML-based .exe and Palm OS .pdb

Want multiple zines on one CD? We can do that. Email us to find out details.
$ 20.00

Thumbnail image of MW SPC3, 'Merged Worlds'  A crossover anthology with The Sentinel. All-new stories. Authors include Beth Green, Sheila Paulson, Vikster, Susan L. Williams, D.L. Witherspoon, and Kathryn Andersen. Illustrated. Mature content. 200+ pages. MediaWest 2002. Available. Shipping: $4.00. $ 20.00
Thumbnail image of CBtV2 SPC2, 'Cascade Beyond the Veil, vol 2'  All-new short stories for the Halloween season. Authors include Paula, Sheila Paulson, Sue Pokorny, Anne Roquemore, Sealie, Susan L. Williams, and D.L. Witherspoon Illustrated.
Available. Shipping: $4.00.
$ 15.00
Thumbnail image of Hijacked! NC5, 'Hijacked!'  An all new Sentinel novella by D.L. Witherspoon. Jim and Blair find trouble again when hijackers take over the plane enroute to Chicago. But what is their agenda? Illustrated by Rachel Mindrup.
Available. Shipping: $4.00.
$ 16.50
Thumbnail image of CBtV SPC1, 'Cascade Beyond the Veil, vol 1'  All-new short stories for the Halloween season. Authors include D.L. Witherspoon, TAE, Sue Pokorny, and KandaceK. Illustrated.
Shipping: $4.00. Sold Out
$ 14.50
Thumbnail image of NC4NC4, "Unsleeping"  A Sentinel novel by Martha Taylor. Blair is betrayed into the hands of necromancers, and Jim discovers that neither his gun nor his senses are any use against the dead. Now that Rainier University's darkest secrets have exploded into the light, will anyone in Cascade ever get a good night's sleep again? (previously net-published) Illustrated by Doug Taylor.
Limited reprint available. Shipping: $4.00.
$ 19.00
Thumbnail image of SC,DLNC3, "Silver Cloud, Dark Lining"  A Sentinel novella by KandaceK. That last mission to Peru rears its ugly head. Will Jim survive? Can his Guide help him? (previously net-published) Illustrated. BONUS: All-new short story by D.L. Witherspoon.
Available. Shipping: $4.00.
$ 10.00
Thumbnail image for MasksNC2, "Masks"  A Sentinel novel by Susan L. Williams. Blair suffers the ultimate betrayal. Or does he? Contains the previously net-published stories "The Devil You Know" and "Masks". WARNING: Story deals with rape and its aftereffects. You must be of legal age in your country to buy. Please provide age statement with payment. Cover by Barbara Fister-Liltz. Illustrated.
Sold Out
$ 18.05
Thumbnail for SiroccoNC1, "Sirocco"  A Sentinel story by D.L. Witherspoon. When Carolyn stumbles upon the plans for a biological weapon named Sirocco, she heads to the one place where she knows she can find help--Cascade. Illustrated. Sold Out. Shipping: $4.00.$ 15.00
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Thumbnail image of NS SPS1, 'No Surrender'

Thumbnail of NS CD CD of NS

  This Sentinel slash novella by Firefly is the long awaited prequel to saraid's "Panther Tales" series. Written with her permission. Illustrations by Frost Doll. Approximately 125 pages. NC-17. Age statement required.
Shipping: $4.00.
SOLD OUT. Not available anywhere on the web.

NEW CD available. Self-contained HTML-based .exe and Palm OS .pdb file. Rocket eBook .rb available upon request.

Want multiple zines on one CD? We can do that. Email us to find out details.
$ 15.00


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