Starsky & Hutch Slash Virtual Season

Table of Contents

Z3P-501. The Best Thing, by Candy Apple. Aired 6/12/2001
  Starsky grapples with his recovery, Hutch begins working with a temporary partner, and both men face changing feelings about their relationship.
Z3P-502. A Time to Hurt, A Time to Heal, by Lucy. Aired 6/19/2001
  As Starsky continues to heal he discovers that not all wounds leave scars one can see--and he's not the only one healing.
Z3P-503. The Unforgotten, by Sarah Problem. Aired 6/26/2001
  Back on the force, Starsky's instincts lead him and Hutch to discover that some deaths aren't quite as clear-cut as they seem.
Z3P-SFW1, Special Feature Week. Aired 7/3/2001
  Wallpaper from the Art Department. URL supplied.
Z3P-504. Mirror, Mirror, Elizabeth Alexander. Aired 7/10/2001
  Starsky is back in action, and Hutch must learn to let go.
Z3P-505. Faithful to Thee, Cynara, by jat sapphire. Aired 7/17/2001
  In the midst of an IA rampage and a murder case that comes too close to home, Starsky and Hutch both must consider exactly how much loyalty they owe to the women they once loved.
Z3P-506. Mine to Lose, by Keri T.. Aired 7/24/2001
  Caught in a deadly prison riot, Starsky and Hutch are separated and Starsky held hostage by the enraged convicts. Can Hutch let his head rule his heart as he negotiates for his partner's life, or will he fall apart when once again he's faced with the possibility of losing Starsky?
Z3P-SFW2, Special Feature Week. Aired 7/31/2001
  Screen grabs and screen savers. URL supplied.
Z3P-507. Echoes of the Past, Part 1, by Candy Apple. Aired 8/7/2001
  A disturbing murder case prompts the revelation of a painful secret from Starsky's past.
Z3P-508. Echoes of the Past, Part 2, by Candy Apple. Aired 8/14/2001
  Unable to ignore the unanswered questions about his father's murder, Starsky asks Hutch to accompany him to New York in hopes of learning the truth.
Z3P-509. Some Night Work Can Really Kill Ya, by Blue Starsky. Aired 8/21/01
  As things heat up in their personal lives, the guys work to solve a series of murders before the trail goes cold.
Z3P-510. Lie Down Like a Sigh, by Lucy. Aired 8/28/2001
  As a serial killer murders brutally, and the pressure builds for the police department to make it stop, the latest victim turns the case into something very personal for Starsky and Hutch.
Z3P-SFW3, Special Feature Week. Aired 9/4/2001
  A Day in the Life Showcase--Vignettes from the boys' daily life.
Z3P-511. When the Chips Are Down, Part 1, by Sarah Problem. Aired 9/18/2001
  With a few days off, the guys are gambling on having a good time…but will The Baron let them?
Z3P-512. When the Chips Are Down, Part 2, by Sarah Problem. Aired 9/25/2001
  With a few days off, the guys are gambling on having a good time…but will The Baron let them?
Z3P-SFW4, Special Feature Week. Aired 10/2/2001
  Missing Scene Showcase--Missing scenes from aired or virtual season episodes.
Z3P-513. When Looks Can Kill, by Keri T.. Aired 10/9/2001
  When a famous model disappears without a trace, Starsky and Hutch have to find creative ways to uncover what may have happened to the missing girl, including going undercover at a glamorous photography studio.
Z3P-HTW, Halloween Bag-O-Treats. Aired 10/16/2001
  A collection of treats. Bookmarks, wallpapers, snippets, sound files. Snippets provided. URL also supplied.
Z3P-514. Revenants, Part 1, by Candy Apple. Aired 10/23/2001
  Mysterious reminders of death and loss haunt Starsky and Hutch, as they begin work on a chilling murder case centering on a closed funeral home.
Z3P-515. Revenants, Part 2, by Candy Apple. Aired 10/30/2001
  As Halloween draws nearer, ghostly images from their pasts become more threatening for Starsky and Hutch, while their current case draws them further into the unexplained realm of the dead.
Z3P-516. Voices Interrupted, by Paula. Aired 11/6/2001
  Hutch's reluctance to undergo minor surgery is puzzling to Starsky, until he realizes there's more to Hutch's reticence than fear of going under the knife. After Hutch is finally persuaded to have the operation, their current case begins to infiltrate the hospital where he is a patient.
Z3P-517. No Words for Thanksgiving, by Lucy. Aired 11/13/2001
  Starsky takes Hutch away for a special Thanksgiving celebration. With just the two of them in a rustic setting, Starsky never suspects what he will come to be truly thankful for by the time the retreat is over.
Z3P-517s. Absolution, by Lucy. Aired 11/20/2001
  Thanksgiving Treat Snippet. A missing scene from Episode 517.
Z3P-SFW5, Special Feature Week. Aired 11/27/2001
  S&H Calendar, Labels, Greeting Cards, and more. URL supplied.
Z3P-518. Elemental Forces, by Sarah Problem. Aired 12/4/2001
  When a rich man dies under very unusual circumstances, Starsky and Hutch must follow their instincts to find the killer. But will they find the killer before they become targets?
Z3P-519. You Are My Holiday, by Candy Apple. Aired 12/21/2001
  As the guys celebrate the holidays for the first time as lovers, they are handed a baffling robbery-homicide case.