When the Wolf Cries

Author's Note: While this is my third post, it's the first Sentinel story I started. The idea for this was born after Susan L. Williams filled me in on what happened with the season finale. I hadn't seen it, in fact I missed it by about three days. I've only been viewing The Sentinel religiously since about June. From another fiction list I'm on I had heard of The Sentinel, and had even tried watching a couple of times, but since I was coming into it in the middle, I didn't really get hooked. Then one day, back in late May, I'm searching the net for fan fiction, specifically Forever Knight, when I come across a category for The Sentinel. Out of curiosity, I went to it. I think Yahoo listed about four options. At random, I picked one. It turned out to be the link to Susan L. Williams' page. I read "The Devil You Know" and "Masks", and was very impressed by how well written they were. For once, I decided to give an author some feedback. I wrote to her, and she and I have been corresponding ever since. A great big cyber hug, Susan! You've been absolutely wonderful.

Acknowledgements: Again, I wish to thank HMG herself for betaing this for me. And, always, to my friend Barbara who's amused by my flights of fancy and tends to join me in them without complaint. Thanks!

Warnings/Rating: Rated PG-13 for a few bad words and a modicum of violence. Conclusion to Sentinel, Too. THIS IS NOT A DEATH STORY.

Disclaimer: You all know the drill by now. I don't own them, they belong to Bilson, DeMeo, Pet Fly, and grudgingly, UPN. No money being asked for or received. I've just taken them out for a bit. I'll put them back when I'm through, hopefully in better shape than when I found them.

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