The Vigil

Disclaimer: "The Sentinel" and its characters don't belong to me and sadly, never will. They are the property of PetFly, Paramount, and maybe USA television. I'm not asking any money, just having some fun with our favorite guys.

Acknowledgments: This one's for D.L. A few months ago, D.L. was feeling, well, bored, and having trouble writing. All the stories coming out then were mostly Blair-owie stories, and frankly, both of us are more into Jim-pain. I wrote the first page of this as a means to jump-start her batteries, and get her inspired again. It worked, I'm happy to say. At the time, I told her if it inspired any ideas for her, run with them. Well, I'm still waiting. <Kandy winks at D.L.> In the meantime, it crawled onto a second page and just sat there. A mere four weeks ago, after finishing a rather draining scene on a much longer story I'm working on, I needed a break, and the old brain took a left turn and nagged me to pick this up. So, here it is. Miracles of miracles, I bring you a thirty-page story (short for me) in under four weeks. My best friend knows what a miracle that is for me. :) Thanks Barbara! It was actually finished *last* week, but I wanted to wait until HMG got back from her trip and could put her stamp of approval on it. Thanks Susan! Thanks D.L.! See more notes at the bottom of part two. Oh! Almost forgot. Thanks, Robyn, for your medical expertise. You're a gem to the tribe. :)

Warnings: Teeny tiny ones for "Night Train" and S2p1, but if you blink, you'll miss 'em.

Rating: PG-13.    D.L. says this is probably a 4/3 or 5/3 on Kitty's h/c scale.

Summary: Jim's cover was blown.

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