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New! Lightning Strikes Twice

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Fiction for The Sentinel
Title Size Date Rating Category
Lightning Strikes Twice
by KandaceK
~90k 7-6-05 (CBtV3, zine story) PG Drama, Angst
Sequel to "Dust and Lightning" published in "Cascade Beyond the Veil, vol. 1" by Skeeter Press.
Storm Changes
by KandaceK
~11k 12-25-04 PG Angst, Smarm
My first TS piece in three years. This picks up the story a few years after "Reflections."
No Surrender
by Firefly
~48k 12-31-02 PG Angst, Smarm
This is a taste of a longer novella "No Surrender" from Skeeter Press Slash. This part safe for gen readers.
Reflections ~17k 12-15-01 G Angst, Smarm
The one-year anniversary looms, and another Christmas approaches. A friend helps another cope with life changes. Sequel to God's Answer.
Homecoming ~7k 8-31-01 G Angst
A man comes home.
Snow ~2k 2-14-01 G Smarm
A quiet time in the loft.
God's Answer

50k 12-29-00 PG Drama, Angst
A life-altering experience comes to Sentinel and Guide during the Christmas season.
Dust and Lightning 88k 10-31-00 (CBtV1, zine story) PG Angst, Horror
That fountain just won't go away.
The Vigil
In two parts.
83k 9-15-99 PG Angst, h/c
Jim's cover is blown.
All He Needed 10k 6-25-99 G Drama, Angst, h/c
Blair graduates. Spoilers for TSbyBS.
Atonement 9k 5-27-99 G Missing Scenes
Jim apologizes. The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.
Silver Cloud, Dark Lining
In seven parts.
324k 4-9-99 R Drama, h/c
That last mission to Peru once again rears its ugly head. Will Jim survive? Can his Guide help him?
A new and revised version of "Cloud" is now available in Novel Concepts #3 from Skeeter Press. Plus, a bonus story from D.L.
When the Wolf Cries
Full or in three parts.
101k 9-22-98 PG Missing Scenes, AU
A Sentinel, Too conclusion.
Setting the Record Straight 6k 9-18-98 PG Missing Scenes
Why did Simon take Megan's side over Jim's? Foreign Exchange
Whose Heartbeat? 7k 8-28-98 G Missing Scenes
Blair wants to know what Jim heard. Finkleman's Folly.


In Development

Palm Pilot Favorite Sites

Ideas in Development
Title Summary
Hourglass Blair receives a package with a message
Vigil Revisited Jim's POV
Kelly's Legacy Annie Hill begins college at Rainier, and soon finds herself in trouble. (Sequel to "Silver Cloud")
Dance de Luna Jim and Blair go undercover at a single's club to catch a killer, but there's a complication; Vice is already working a case.
To Those Who Know Jim thought he'd left his covert ops days behind him, until he and Blair stumble upon an old aquaintance with more reason than Jim to avoid becoming a lab rat.

Fiction In Development

Palm Pilot

Favorite Sites
Palm Pilot and other handheld readers
You can find my stories in Palm format, at this link You Want Fries With That?   Thanks so much Sue!

Fiction In Development Palm Pilot

Favorite Sites

Favorite Sites
Site Summary
Cascade Library Another Sentinel fanfic archive, along with author interviews
Susan L. Williams Fanfiction, bloopers, and Holy Mother Gramatica
TVLIT101 D.L. Witherspoon's Fanfiction. A very prolific and talented writer.
Faux Paws Productions "The Sentinel" virtual seasons archives.
K Ryn's Fiction Very good, very long stories in general.
WolfPup's Den Lots of good authors archived here.
SOS Site Learn more about The Sentinel and see what's going on.
Cascade Hospital An excellent site to answer those medical questions. Put together by our own Dr. Robyn

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